Made in Texas

Made in Texas

  • Body Butter

    Body Butter

    This luxurious hand-whipped body butter is made with our extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.   Made in Austin, Texas by Springdale Handmade

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  • Body Gift Set

    Body Gift Set

    Adorable gift set that includes our locally made spa collection. All products are made with our most recent harvest extra virgin olive oil and other all natural essential oils, by Springdale Handmade in Austin Texas! Small Set includes lip balm, body...

  • Confituras Seasonal Jam

    Confituras Seasonal Jam

    The best jams & preserves made by local Austinite Stephanie McClenny! These are seasonal to Texas and are made with local ingredients.   Call the shop to check on the latest batch in stock.

  • Franklin Barbecue (A Meat-Smoking Manifesto)

    Franklin Barbecue (A Meat-Smoking Manifesto)

    A New York Times best selling complete meat- and brisket-cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue.When Aaron Franklin and his wife, Stacy, opened up a...

  • Franklin Barbecue Rub

    Franklin Barbecue Rub

      Steak Spice Rub: Salt, Onion, Spices, Natural Flavor (Baker's Yeast Extract, Salt) Garlic, Shiitake Mushroom Powder, Sugar, Natural Flavor (Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Baker's Yeast Extract, Salt, Canola Oil, Lactic Acid) Chili Peppers, Brown Sugar,...

  • Franklin Barbecue Sauce

    Franklin Barbecue Sauce

    Choose between the Original Texas BBQ Sauce, Vinegar BBQ Sauce, or Spicy BBQ Sauce.   Original Texas BBQ Sauce: Tomato Puree (Filtered Water, Tomato Paste), Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Light Brown Sugar, Worcestershire (White Distilled...

  • Franklin Steak

    Franklin Steak

    In Franklin Steak, Aaron and coauthor Jordan Mackay go deeper into the art and science of cooking steak than anyone has gone before. Want the real story behind grass-fed cattle? Or to talk confidently with your butcher about cuts and marbling?...

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  • Kitchen Utensils Towel

    Kitchen Utensils Towel

    For all the kitchen professionals that need a kitchen towel that expresses all the tools needed to craft their masterpiece. This full color photography design is something that will live in your kitchen for years to come, and...

  • Lip Balm

    Lip Balm

    This lip balm is made local by Springdale Handmade using our extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, vitamin e oil and mint essential oil. 

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