Cheese, Meat, Crackers, Veggies

Cheese, Meat, Crackers, Veggies

  • Caldera Espana

    Caldera Espana

    Caldera España® is River Wheys smoked cheese which they hand-smoke with Pecan wood. It pairs well with cured meats, mustard, olives, and everything pickled! It also melts well, so try it with all your favorite ooey-gooey things like pizza, grilled cheese...

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  • Finocchiona Salami - OLYMPIA PROVISIONS

    Finocchiona Salami - OLYMPIA PROVISIONS

    Olympia Provisions class Italian style salami registers garlic, black pepper, and fennel notes  Ingredients Pork, pork fat, salt, Less than 2% spices, dextrose, water, garlic, swiss chard powder, thyme, lactic acid starter culture, oregano...

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  • Indigo Ridge-River Whey Creamery

    Indigo Ridge-River Whey Creamery

    Indigo Ridge® is their best-selling cheese and is aged a full 8 months. River Whey likes to refer to it as a Gouda style with a Gruyere flair! This cheese is a true American Original as certified by the American Cheese Society. Full of flavor . . ...

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  • Keystone Cheese

    Keystone Cheese

    Our award-winning Keystone® is our version of an Italian tomme style cheese. Made with raw cow’s milk and cave-aged for four months, it is our most versatile cheese. Use it in your pasta sauce, grate it over a salad, put it in a sandwich, eat it with...

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  • Mt. Tam-Cowgirl Creamery

    Mt. Tam-Cowgirl Creamery

    An organic American Original cheese recipe, this best-selling cheese has all the lusciousness you expect from a triple cream with a unique heart that upholds its texture. Named after the iconic landmark Mount Tamalpais that rises over the San Francisco...

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