Cheese, Meat, Crackers, Veggies

Cheese, Meat, Crackers, Veggies

  • Barahonda Monastrell Wine

    Barahonda Monastrell Wine

    Tasting Note:With a good intensity of red fruit aromas. The wine is full flavored and balanced on the palate with a long and persistent finish. Suggestions:Consume between 14 ° C / 16 ° C. Suitable for all types of meats, cheeses and rice...

  • Brunier Les Pallieres Au Petit Bonhuer Rose

    Brunier Les Pallieres Au Petit Bonhuer Rose

    Daniel Brunier, the seasoned vigneron at the head of Les Pallières and Vieux Télégraphe, values authenticity like nobody else. It is a virtue that can be tasted across all his cuvées, and knowing Daniel, a prerequisite for any wine bearing his name on...

  • Caldera Espana

    Caldera Espana

    Caldera España® is River Wheys smoked cheese which they hand-smoke with Pecan wood. It pairs well with cured meats, mustard, olives, and everything pickled! It also melts well, so try it with all your favorite ooey-gooey things like pizza, grilled cheese...

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  • Finocchiona Salami - OLYMPIA PROVISIONS

    Finocchiona Salami - OLYMPIA PROVISIONS

    Olympia Provisions class Italian style salami registers garlic, black pepper, and fennel notes  Ingredients Pork, pork fat, salt, Less than 2% spices, dextrose, water, garlic, swiss chard powder, thyme, lactic acid starter culture, oregano...

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  • Indigo Ridge-River Whey Creamery

    Indigo Ridge-River Whey Creamery

    Indigo Ridge® is their best-selling cheese and is aged a full 8 months. River Whey likes to refer to it as a Gouda style with a Gruyere flair! This cheese is a true American Original as certified by the American Cheese Society. Full of flavor . . . try...

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  • Keystone Cheese

    Keystone Cheese

    Our award-winning Keystone® is our version of an Italian tomme style cheese. Made with raw cow’s milk and cave-aged for four months, it is our most versatile cheese. Use it in your pasta sauce, grate it over a salad, put it in a sandwich, eat it with...

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