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  • Allspice Powder-Wholespice

    Allspice Powder-Wholespice

    Mainly grown in Jamaica — it's also known as Jamaica pepper — allspice has a pleasantly fragrant aroma. Its name reflects the strong and complex taste, which resembles a peppery compound of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg or mace. Allspice gives...

  • Blood Orange Olive Oil Blood Orange Olive Oil

    Blood Orange Olive Oil

    Blood oranges are crushed with olives in the mill to fuse the flavors and produce oil with a unique tangy orange flavor. This is an all around favorite that will satisfy the most discriminating palate. COMPLEMENTS: chicken, fish, salad, fruit, dessert,...

  • Confituras Seasonal Jam Confituras Seasonal Jam

    Confituras Seasonal Jam

    The best jams & preserves made by local Austinite Stephanie McClenny! These are seasonal to Texas and are made with local ingredients. Call the shop to check on the latest batch in stock.

  • Fine Yellow Polenta

    Fine Yellow Polenta

    Producer: Molini Riuniti Moretti Region: Lombardia Polenta Fioretto is the soft, silky version of Bramata polenta. Bright golden yellow with sweet notes of fresh corn, this soft, supple polenta will surprise anyone with its aroma, texture...

  • Himalayan Pink Salt Medium

    Himalayan Pink Salt Medium

    Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt. Mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains, where it is protected from pollution and impurities, this is one of the purest salts available on earth. It contains more than 84 trace minerals including iron oxide, which...

  • Lavender Salt Jar

    Lavender Salt Jar

    This sea salt is collected by hand using traditional ancient Celtic methods within the coastal areas of France. This moist and unrefined salt is harvested in summer, and smells of the sea and of the natural scent of fresh lavender, which brings an...

  • Mandarin Olive Oil

    Mandarin Olive Oil

    Made with fresh Mandarin citrus fruit picked at its peak and crushed with fresh, certified organic early harvest Chetoui olives using 100% mechanical cold extraction methods. This fused citrus oil is redolent with the intense, bright flavor of fresh...

  • Mani Orange Olive Oil

    Mani Orange Olive Oil

    A generationally grown orange from the Mani peninsula of Greece, this oil is romantically fused with the Athinolia Olive. This is a beautiful extremely early November harvest citrus agrumato – a combination of whole fresh citrus fruits crushed with...

  • Marcona Almonds 8oz

    Marcona Almonds 8oz

    Ultra premium, salted marcona almonds, lightly fried in olive oil. Naturally Cholesterol Free!Size: 8 ozOrigin: Murcia, Spain

  • Nutmeg Powder

    Nutmeg Powder

    Nutmeg has a very warm, highly aromatic – sweetish taste. It is very similar to mace in aroma and taste. Nutmeg is widely used in honey cakes, rich fruit cake, fruit desserts, and fruit punch. It goes well in stews and meat pies, and in most egg...



    Sweet Persian Limes and Tunisian Chemlali olives are crushed together and cold pressed to create a fusion of flavors that is far superior to infused or blended oils. Perfect for a Mexican or tropical flare. COMPLEMENTS: Seafood, chicken, salad, fruit,...

  • Raw Local Chunk Honey 3 oz Jar Raw Local Chunk Honey 3 oz Jar

    Raw Local Chunk Honey 3 oz Jar

    Raw, local honey from Austin Texas. All the aviaries are within 20 miles of downtown Austin. Chunk honey is the best of both worlds: a cube of comb honey floating in a jar of delicious raw honey. This would be a thoughtful and original hostess gift,...



    Our handcrafted Roasted Walnut oil is made in California, strictly following 150 year old traditional methods. Slowly roasted to perfection, then expeller pressed and lightly filtered. Certainly a must in the gourmet kitchen, full of Omega 3 and natural...

  • That's My Jam

    That's My Jam

    Local jam made right here in Austin Texas, using local ingredients, original flavors and made in small batches!  Ingredients: Strawberries, Organic Bing Cherries, Organic Cane Sugar, Meyer Lemon Juice, Meyer Lemon Zest, Natural Geranium Oil 8oz

  • Vanilla Sugar-Wholespice

    Vanilla Sugar-Wholespice

    This gourmet flavored sugar from Wholespice is a special blend of Planifolia and Tahitensis Vanilla. Add the warm and inviting fragrance of vanilla to your morning cup of java, latte or tea – tastes amazing in hot chocolate. Try it in a salad...

  • Yellowbird Hot Sauce

    Yellowbird Hot Sauce

    Yellowbird is not your typical watered–down hot sauce. Their spicy condiments are flavor–forward with a thicker, smoother consistency packed with real, farm–fresh fruits and vegetables. They have zero tolerance for fake filler...

16 of 16 Items