Jam, Confit & Honey

Jam, Confit & Honey

  • Confit of Fig & Walnut

    Confit of Fig & Walnut

    Made from the highest quality ingredients, and one of our best sellers, this Fig and Walnut confit is truly divine. A great way to enjoy this confit, is by combining it with goat cheese on a toasted baguette. The rich flavors of this confit will surely...

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  • Local Comb Honey-Two Hives

    Local Comb Honey-Two Hives

    Comb honey is the rawest form of honey available. Two Hives cut their comb honey by hand right off the frame, fresh from the hive. This makes a stunning addition to a cheese plate with its gorgeous hexagons filled with delicious honey. And, yes, you can...

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  • Poteet Strawberry Jam-Confituras

    Poteet Strawberry Jam-Confituras

    The best jams & preserves made by local Austinite Stephanie McClenny! These are seasonal to Texas and are made with local ingredients.  Poteet Strawberry is one of our favorites, made with sweet local berries with a touch of lemon - pure...

  • Raw Honey 7oz Jar

    Raw Honey 7oz Jar

    This is what you really came here for.  All of our liquid gold is harvested from neighborhoods all within 20 miles of downtown Austin and hand jarred by our team of beekeepers. Each of our these honey jars will differ slightly in color, flavor, and...

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