Our Commitment


We believe from tree to table and traceability in all of the products we source. We provide the chemistry, organoleptic profiles of each of our olive oils & vinegars, ingredient and nutritional information, harvest dates, origin, and producer profiles for them all.  All of our products are sourced from honest suppliers & producers who care for the land, the trees, groves, their teams and the environment. We employ a dual hemisphere sourcing model ensuring we always have the freshest & healthiest extra virgin olive oil on tap! 


We are a mighty team, family owned and operated! We believe in giving back to our local community and taking care of everyone, and have established a monthly charitable give. 


We believe in educating our customers therefore we are a tasting bar! Also we love to share the stories of the producers who make our beautiful artisanal products so we offer fun classes and events! 


Cook, Eat, Love!