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Rancho Gordo

  •  Midnight Black Beans Rancho Gordo

    Midnight Black Beans Rancho Gordo

    A classic, versatile, essential black turtle bean. It holds its shape through lots of cooking yet retains its famous creamy interior. The bean broth can be used as a base for all kinds of soup...

  • Ayocote Negro Rancho Gordo Bean

    Ayocote Negro Rancho Gordo Bean

    The big firm beans are not traditional black turtle beans. Ayocotes are runner beans (like the more well-known Scarlet Runners.) Ayocote Negro are firm, without being starchy and have a darker, inky...

  • Cassoulet Bean

    Cassoulet Bean

    West Coast–grown from classic French Tarbais seed stock. The most famous bean for a traditional cassoulet but versatile enough to become an everyday favorite. Suggestions: Cassoulet,...

  • Chiapas Black Bean

    Chiapas Black Bean

    Rare black beans from the Mexican state of Chiapas. Rich and dense without being stodgy, with a unique bean broth. Suggestions: Pot beans, soups, salads, chilis  How is it possible to think we...

  • Chili Sampler-Rancho Gordo

    Chili Sampler-Rancho Gordo

    All the key elements required to become a Master Chili Maker, together in one gift box.  Includes easy-to-follow instructions for a classic bowl of red.  Even a Texan would...

  • CRANBERRY BEAN Rancho Gordo

    CRANBERRY BEAN Rancho Gordo

    Versatile and velvety, this thin-skinned Borlotti bean produces a rich, indulgent bean broth, making it perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans.  Suggestions: Minestrone...

  • Crimson Popcorn - Rancho Gordo Crimson Popcorn - Rancho Gordo

    Crimson Popcorn - Rancho Gordo

      Pure white, nearly hull-less popcorn is small, dense and moist. The perfect contrast to bland commodity popcorn and its cardboard texture. Nearly hull-less and 100% delicious, this rare and...

  • Domingo Rojo Beans Rancho Gordo

    Domingo Rojo Beans Rancho Gordo

    A small, mild yet dense, heirloom bean, begging to be put to work as red beans and rice, chili con carne or a wonderful ingredient in your summer salad. The bean is classic, and one of the...

  • Flageolet Beans Rancho Gordo

    Flageolet Beans Rancho Gordo

    A super mild European-style classic heirloom bean, known for its pairing with lamb but excellent as a pot beans and with roasted tomatoes.  Suggestions: Pot beans, soup, salad, casseroles,...

  • Garbanzo Beans Rancho Gordo

    Garbanzo Beans Rancho Gordo


  • Mayocoba Bean

    Mayocoba Bean

    Creamy and versatile, Mayocoba has a pale yellow hue and super soft texture. This mild-flavored bean soaks up all the flavors of the cooking pot. Suggestions: Soups, refried beans, pot beans,...

  • Moro Bean

    Moro Bean

    Beautiful markings and a dense, rich flavor make this super rare bean a favorite. Almost a marriage between a black bean and a pinto but unique in its own right.  Suggestions: Pot beans, soups,...

  • Pinto Beans Rancho Gordo

    The classic bean. Soft, creamy and versatile, our Pintos cook quickly and create converts to new crop, heirloom beans.  Suggestions: pot beans, refried beans, soup, casseroles The poor pinto doesn't...

  • Super Lucky Black Eyed P ea

    Super Lucky Black Eyed P ea

    For the best luck, Southerners know that black-eyed peas on New Year's day mean good luck in the coming year. Easy to make and easy to enjoy.  Please note: Very limited productionAll good...