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  • Mirogallo Artichokes in EVOO

    Mirogallo Artichokes in EVOO

    Producer: Masseria Mirogallo Region: Basilicata Surprisingly al dente and crunchy to the bite. The artichokes are peeled by hand to the core, then simply blanched in...

  • Mirogallo Hand Peeled Tomatoes

    Mirogallo Hand Peeled Tomatoes

    Producer: Masseria Mirogallo Region: Basilicata Limited Availabililty Masseria Mirogallo's Pomodori Pelati—tomatoes peeled by hand—are a typical Lucan specialty. Pantry...

  • Mirogallo Strained Tomatoes

    Mirogallo Strained Tomatoes

    Producer: Masseria Mirogallo Region: Basilicata Fresh tomatoes picked from Masseria Mirogallo's own fields, are blanched in boiling water, hand-peeled, and passed through a sieve...

  • Mirogallo Sun Dried Tomatoes in EVOO

    Mirogallo Sun Dried Tomatoes in EVOO

    The high quality and flavor of the Masseria Mirogallo authentic sun-dried tomatoes made us remember the wonderful flavors of a product we had forgotten. Perfectly made, still bright red in...