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Lemon Olive Oil-Whole Fruit Fused

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Our Lemon Olive Oil is produced by pressing whole, fresh lemons together with early harvest, certified organic olives at the time of crush.  A light refreshing flavor of lemon is just perfect to sauté shrimp or scallops in or to drizzle on chicken or fish. Blend with the 18 Year Traditional Balsamic Vinegar for a delightful salad dressing.. 

COMPLEMENTS: fish, salad, vegetables, chicken, fruit, bread

BALSAMIC PAIRINGS: Strawberry, Traditional, Tangerine, Red Apple, Blueberry, Fig, Apricot, Black Currant 


-Combine with a balsamic for salad dressing for veggies or fruit

-use to sauté, bake & grill chicken, fish

-sauté dry rice until translucent, add liquid, then cook as directed

-replace other oils in baking such as cookies, cakes, brownies, and biscotti 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemons

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