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Little Apple Cider Vinegar Shrub 375ml

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After many years of searching, we are happy to announce that we have located an amazing apple cider vinegar to carry in our shops from Little Apple Granola  located in Sebastopol, CA! There is nothing fast about how they make their apple cider vinegar on their organic farm. They press the juice for it by hand on a wooden press, using only hand-picked, sound, organic apples (compared to industry regulations, which state that any apple up to 49% rotten can be used).They immediately ferment the juice in 5-gallon carboys, turning it into hard cider. When the cider is ready they decant the carboys into French oak wine barrels. And then they wait. And wait. And wait.
Slowly, the hard cider goes through another fermentation. A thick layer of vinegar mother, white and rubbery, develops on the surface of the cider. Over the course of months, the flavors begin to coalesce and sharpen. It takes a year or more to be right. When it's ready, the apple cider vinegar emotes both smoky tannins at the bottom and floral notes at the top. They bottle it right out of the barrel, no filtration, no pasteurization, no dilution with water. 
When it's gone, it's gone. 
This vinegar is delicious  in salad dressings, in sautes, in bone broths, and just drinking straight. You can use it in any recipe that calls for white wine vinegar. You can also add a few spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar to sparkling water.

Ingredients: Organic Apples


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