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Private In Person Event-Austin Only

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We would love to host your private group, company, team appreciation, holiday get together or just a private one on one for you! Call us to schedule your private virtual Olive Oil/Balsamic Class at 512-342-2344 or email us to check date availability of our shops! 


Our olive oil/balsamic expert will guide you through a tasting of some of the world’s freshest extra virgin olive oils & aged balsamic vinegars complete with pairings of cheese from Antonelli's, artisanal bread,  and more. Separate truths from myths as you discover the history, mythology, production process and health benefits of olive oil & balsamic vinegars while learning how to taste and examine them like a professional sensory panel taster. Experience the full spectrum of olive oils from countries around the world with flavors spanning from intense and robust to mild and buttery. Discover whole new ways to enjoy these kitchen staple with friends, loved ones or as a lone pioneer! 

Also Included in Class: 
Get trained like an olive oil sensory panel taster(detect rancid/defective olive oil)
Experience world tour of extra virgin olive oil from Spain, Italy, Portugal and the New World
Understand the secrets of award-winning olive oils & balsamic vinegars of modena
Separating truth from myths

Here are the details:


Location: Arboretum or Bee Cave Location

Most private events run about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 


$45 Per Plate (serves 1)

Class Minimum: 

12 guests or $500

Tasting Plate:

4 Tasting Cups of  extra virgin olive oil-mild, medium, robust, rancid-approximately 4 oz

3 Tasting Cups of balsamic vinegar-traditional,  25 year traditional & white balsamic-approximately 3 oz

Two slices of fresh sourdough bread made local

3 cheeses to pair with balsamic-cheese TBD and each piece is 1/8 lb cut(usually a parmigiano, a cheddar and a Mitica Sardo)


Cured Meat(salami)

Marzano Tomatoes

Spanish Marcona Almonds

Customized Tasting Menu

Setup Instructions

Tasting Wheel and Olive Oil 101 Information


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