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Gianduiotti Black Label - Dark Chocolate with Extra Hazelnuts

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Gianduiotti (singular "gianduiotto") are classic gianduja chocolates from the Piemonte region of Italy. Renowned chocolatier Giraudi makes their gianduiotti according to an old family recipe, and in doing so, they embrace their homeland and pay homage to their own traditions.

For these special gianduiotti, Giraudi combines 43% Tonda Gentile Trilobata I.G.P. Hazelnuts with dark chocolate. The famed Piedmontese Hazelnuts are carefully selected, roasted and puréed in-house, then blended with dark chocolate to create this smooth, melt-in-your mouth confection.

The ingot-shaped chocolates are individually wrapped in black foil.

  • Producer: Giraudi
  • Region: Piemonte
  • Giraudi, founded near Alessandria in the Piemonte region of Italy, is an example of creativity, craftsmanship and passion, the true characteristics of the “Made in Italy” sigil.

    Expertise and experience for over a century
    In 1907 in Castellazzo Bormida, Giovan Battista Giraudi, opened a flour mill and small bakery while Paolino Boidi simultaneously became a pastry chef at Pasticceria Romano in Alessandria. In the 1960s, Giraudi took over Bar Vittoria in Corso Roma, and began experimenting with chocolate recipes. In 1982, Giacomo Boidi, the nephew of chocolatier Giraudi and of pastry chef Boidi, joined their respective arts, founding “Pasticceria Giraudi.”

    From a small pastry shop to a renowned artisan company
    In 1993, the artisanal chocolate shop moved to the center of Castellazzo Bormida and became a more structured company, while maintaining its artisanal level of production. Starting from the foundational teachings of his uncles, Giacomo Boidi invested all his enthusiasm, resources, and creativity into this new venture, and in the last twenty years Giraudi has become a renowned producer of high-quality handcrafted chocolate.  

  • Giraudi always begins with the highest-quality ingredients in order to create a chocolate of excellence. They source precious aromatic cocoa from the best European producers and blend it with hazelnuts from Piemonte, pistachios from Sicily, and other fine nuts.

    Their team of skilled workers see chocolate as a living material that must be learned and understood. Giacomo asserts, “It is not easy to get confidence from chocolate but, once you do, you understand that you can play it as a musical instrument.” 

    Only Piemontese hazelnuts
    Giraudi proudly uses only Piemontese hazelnuts in their chocolates. The Piemonte hazelnut has characteristics that no other hazelnut possesses: a particular aroma that releases after slowly roasting, without stressing the product. By tasting a hazelnut, we know immediately which final product will be obtained.

    Giraudi buys shelled hazelnuts directly from the countryside, then roasts, crushes, and purées them entirely in-house to be used in making their gianduja and other chocolate confections.

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