Biscotti with Dark Chocolate

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Biscottificio Antonio Mattei has been producing the archetypal Biscotti di Prato since 1858, and the Pandolfini family has not altered their production methods or relaxed their rigorous standards in all this time. Recognized as the original and ultimate biscotti (also known as cantuccini), their famous blue bags tied up with string (easy to hold as a parcel with one finger) are seen in the best food shops and restaurants around Italy.

After 150 years of making the traditional Tuscan cookie, the Pandolfini family embarked on a new biscotto adventure. They replaced the almonds of the classic biscotti with large chunks of dark chocolate and packed in their iconic blue bags with a bright red tab—still tied up with string, of course. The bittersweet flavor of the chocolate, along with incomparable airy, crunchy texture and a yellow tint from the free-range egg yolks used in the dough, put a new twist on tradition.

Perfection served with coffee, Brachetto wine or Port after a meal, these biscotti are also delicious dipped in our Colle del Gusto Chocolate and Hazelnut spreads.

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