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Sardines in Olive Oil-Maria Organic

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This tin contains whole sardines of superior quality, watered with extra virgin organic olive oil, making them very appetizing. The manufacturing process is handcrafted and recycled paper is used for the packaging, resulting in a product with a sustainable presentation.


The Portuguese icon when it comes to fish, Maria Organic uses only traditional methods to prepare their seafood, without using chemicals or preservatives. The resulting product is a healthy, high-quality, sustainable option.


The MARIA Organic brand offers wild fish preserves with 100% organic agricultural ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, chilies, and certified aromatic herbs. The fish used in the preserves of the MARIA Organic brand is fished sustainably.


It is based on a more artisanal and small-scale method, with social, economic and ecological benefits.


By practicing sustainable fishing, we can ensure that enough fish are left in the sea and that they reproduce properly and healthy.


For fishing to be considered sustainable, it is essential to respect the structure, productivity, function and diversity of marine ecosystems, with a fishery adapted to the circumstances of the marine environment and complying with local, national and international laws.

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