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Saint Cosme - Cote Du Rhone

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Saint Cosme – Red 2019 Côtes du Rhône Syrah.

Partially destemmed fruit. Limestone sand, red clay and pebbles on Villafranchian terraces. Tank ageing.
Notes from producer: Be warned – this is a stellar vintage, the greatest since the extraordinary 2010. Of course, 2016 is great too, and even 2015, which in Saint Cosme was memorable. But there is a freshness, an intensity, an evanescence, something undefinable that is charming and vibrant in the 2019s. What is the explanation for this? The intensity of the fruit after a dry summer? Rainfall in October that rounded out the wines? No one can say. Why didn't the vines suffer from the dryness this year? I don't know. Wine remains a largely unknown discipline, and therefore offers an ideal opportunity for those who have a sense of observation, a spirit of analysis and an artistic soul. The 2019 Côtes du Rhône Saint Cosme is the best since 2010. A wine with a substantial structure, it is also brimming with fruit and shows great concentration, counterbalanced by the finest freshness. In a dry vintage, concentration affects all the component parts of the fruit: not just the sugars, but the acids, water (which does not concentrate but disappears...), tannins, colour, aromas... etc... This natural phenomenon produces something we all love: intensity. Character and identity are subsequently multiplied tenfold. The fact that nature should be able to offer us these gifts is an absolute joy. These wines are suitable for either drinking or keeping. They will bring us joy and surprises. They will become advocates for what I would call ‘the red wine cause’. We live in an era of white wines, rosés and sometimes even unripe grapes – which is an aberration. This is the age of sparkling wines and ‘wine drinks’. But 2019 is a gentle reminder from nature and a timely opportunity to set the record straight. Blackberry, smoked bacon, charcoal, blueberry, rose. 

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