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Native Texas Pecans

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The Art of Pecan delicious Activated Native Texas Pecans are here!

They’re buttery because native pecans are full of wonderful natural oil, and they’re crispy because they long-soak them in purified Texas rainwater, then (very) slowly dehydrate them. This is called “activating,” which simulates the start of the pecan’s natural germination process. Many believe this makes the pecans easier to digest, and still others think it makes the pecan’s nutrients even more bioavailable. This much is certain: they’re delicious, and addicting!

Each 6 oz. bag features only 2 ingredients: the pecans, and all-natural seasoning.

These pecans are sourced from unsprayed (no pesticides) American native pecans, wild crafted in Texas. Native pecans are full of flavor and nutrients.

6 oz bag

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