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Filippi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lingotto with Candied Cherries

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This very soft, naturally-leavened cake is shaped to mimic precious lingotti (gold bricks) and made with only extra virgin olive oil rather than butter. Inspired by their grandparents’ ritual of sun-drying red cherries on terracotta plates, Filippi added sour morello cherries that have been freshly pitted and candied to their traditional recipe. Wrapped in shiny, laminated paper with joyous polka dots, this Lingotto is simply perfect for any occasion! 


Filippi, a small, family-run pasticceria located in the town of Zanè, is one of the top producers of panettoni in Italy. Mother Maria and father Giuliano began the company in 1972, with genuine ingredients and family values and today, their sons Andrea and Lorenzo continue the tradition with the same devotion and enthusiasm.

For Filippi, doing business means improving the world. As a certified B Corporation, they voluntarily meet the most rigorous social and environmental standards. All their packaging is Forest Stewardship Council certified - the ribbons that adorn and distinguish their products are made with yarn obtained from recycled bottles. Their carefully selected ingredients are obtained from producers who care for and respect their animals, land, and workers. Whenever possible they choose local ingredients, such as honey from the Berici Hills in Italy.

Filippi’s philosophy is that excellent products prepared ​​with respect, care, and passion, require a certain amount of time. Devoting the right time to each of their products is the secret to their success: time to develop product ideas, reinterpreting their family tradition and enclosing childhood memories; time to search for excellent ingredients - citrus peeled by hand and candied, free-range eggs, selected flours, fresh butter, milk delivered daily, Bourbon vanilla beans, and Italian honey; time to allow dough made from the same natural yeast base they have been using for 40 years to slowly rise, then be baked to perfection; and of course, time to taste, share and savor their delicacies until the last crumb. 

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