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Holiday Cocktail Kit-Little Apple Treats

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The first holiday box from Little Apple Treats comes in a custom kraft box printed both inside and out, with the elements paying tribute to the farm. The starry night sky, the rain coming in over the mountains, and the leaves from their garden are sprinkled throughout the box making it a gorgeous addition to your holiday selection.

Each box is filled with:


  • one Triple Citrus shrub
  • one Original Apple Cider Vinegar
  • two cocktail jars
  • two recipe cards
  • Little surprises like dried citrus wheels and a sticker sheet complete the box to make it the perfect holiday gift!

About Little Apple Treats:

Ten years after moving to our apple farm, using an old wooden apple press, we juiced some of our apples for the first time, fermented that juice, then and aged it in recycled white wine barrels. After a year, our aged juice had fermented into startlingly delicious apple cider vinegar. We were hooked, and that first batch sparked a deeper curiosity — “What else can we make from our apples?” The answer, it turns out, is “a lot!” Our certified organic farm is located in Sebastopol, California, where we grow several varieties of heirloom apples including Pink Pearl, Red Rome Beauty, Yellow Bellflower, Gravenstein and Golden Delicious. These apples are the common thread through all of our products; we pick them fresh and transform them into apple cider vinegar, shrubs, caramels, cookies, granola, and more! We're constantly experimenting in the kitchen to find new ways to use our delicious apples, and are thrilled to present both our year-round favorites and our seasonal, small-batch recipes to our customers! Enjoy!

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