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Balsamic Pearls

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The Leonardi family has always been at the forefront of balsamic vinegar in Modena. Their vast assortment of vinegars and related products evolve year after year, offering boundless sources of creativity for modern chefs around the world.

Now, with the development of this precious balsamic “caviar,” the famiglia Leonardi has contributed to the movement of molecular gastronomy out of restaurants and into home kitchens. Using a gelling agent and cold oil, balsamic glaze is transformed into small spheres with liquid heart. The pearls are then packed into 50-gram glass jars, sealed and pasteurized.

A teaspoon of Balsamic Pearls adds a burst of acidic sweetness to any dish. Amuse your guests with a scattering over deviled eggs, carpaccio and crudo, pizza Margherita.


  • Add a chic touch of color and texture to a grilled pork roast, filet mignon or lamb chops
  • For the artistic mixologist, the pearls make a perfect addition to a Bloody Mary Martini
  • Use as topping for fresh mozzarella in a caprese salad


balsamic glaze, concentrated grape must, balsamic vinegar of Modena (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must), modified starch, water, thickner: cellulose gum, gelling agents calcium chloride, sodium alginate. Contains sulphites

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