Olio Verde 2018

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Crush Date: Oct 2018

Producer: Gianfranco Becchina

Region: Sicily

Upon its first release in 1989, Gianfranco Becchina's Olio Verde set new standards of quality in Sicily, a region previously recognized only for the quantity, not the quality, of its olive oils. Green, thick and very rich, Olio Verde still leads as an exceptional and exemplary extra virgin olive oil.

2018 Tasting Notes: This luxurious extra virgin olive oil—made with a single varietal olive, Nocellara del Belice—delivers forward flavors of fresh green olives, with an exotic spiciness that sparkles on the palate. Nutty notes are punctuated with aromas of freshly cut grass and hints of tomato leaf, followed by a lasting peppery finish. A seductive, herbaceous oil.

Update: The new bottle, with darker green glass to protect the oil from light, features a more prominent harvest date and a cleaner look. Same shape bottle, same wonderful extra virgin olive oil.

Suggestions for Use: Excellent with pork chops or over Jamón Ibérico; brighten up a warm-from-the-oven baked potato; use with any recipe featuring tomatoes, capers, or anchovies; perfect with pasta.


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