Mia Chocolates 9 Piece Bon Bon Sampler

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Mia Chocolates are handcrafted artisanal dark chocolate gifts that are gluten and preservative free and created with intention to heal and nourish you and those you love in the most delicious way. Mia Chocolates work in single origin dark chocolate, handcrafted bonbons, barks, brittles and bars. Their creations are preservative and gluten free. Made from 100% organic ingredients.

Each 9 Piece Sampler includes the following Bon Bons
Slow Dance:
The caramel is finished with 75% dark chocolate and espresso, so the notes are long, deep, and grounding. The spiced hazelnut praline adds richness and widens the flavor profile of the chocolate, adds a crunch that provides texture, and a bite of heat.
Midnight In Portland:
Midnight in Portland is dark and luscious 70% dark chocolate filled with sweet shredded coconut in almond cream, layered with bits of ginger and apricot. A deeply rich, satisfying chocolate.
Indian Summer:
Indian summer is a bright, warm chocolate created with a ganache of 75% dark chocolate and Tunisian bitter orange, layered with pecan fudge that has a bit of habanero. Deep notes of orange, with a bit of heat.
First Light:
We begin with our artisan lemon caramel, crafted from freshly squeezed organic lemons, and we layer that with a delicate bark of 75% dark chocolate and honey sesame candied walnut bits to create a chocolate filled with notes of bright lemon and deep, crunchy walnut. 
Moon River:
Crafted with 60% dark chocolate, slow cooked lemon syrup, raspberry, fig and apricot, the flavor profile is slightly floral and fruity without being overly sweet. 
 A deep, sweet tangerine caramel is paired with a pepita and smoked paprika brittle, surrounded by a 70% single source chocolate with flowery notes and an intense flavor that is exceptionally long-lingering. 
Morrison Street:
vanilla bean ganache with a center of maraschino cherry. Of course we make our organic maraschino cherries in house. With 66% dark chocolate, our elevated version of a childhood favorite will have you appreciating the humble vanilla bean in a whole new way.
Snow Flower:
Dulce de Leche, richly infused with chai tea, is paired with spiced pecan praline bits. Wrapped in a 70% dark chocolate, this is one of our most complex chocolates, full of subtle spice and depth.
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