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Kitchen Towels & Aprons

  • Baker Classic Apron

    Baker Classic Apron

    If Baking is your thing, this apron is for you. Design with a collection of vintage baking utensils, printed with beautiful detail gives our Baker's design a special vintage look. These Classic Aprons have a...

  • Bread Dipping Oil Recipe Kitchen Towel

    Bread Dipping Oil Recipe Kitchen Towel

    Our kitchen towels work wonders as hostess gifts, be creative and add some of the ingredients with it and bring along to your next gathering.  We promise it will be a conversation piece.  Gourmet sie 28x29",...

  • Cranberry Sauce Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Cranberry Sauce Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Recipes have not soul, it is the cook who gives life to ingredients.  Follow the tradition of Cranberry sauce and pass it on with this amazing kitchen towel.  The 100% cotton fabric is absorbent and will...

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    French Breakfast

    Printed with amazing detail the French Breakfast (Petit Dejeuner)  consists of bread, cheese and olives.For a more vintage look French words are added to the design. Made of long-loved 100% cotton flour...

  • Grapevine Kitchen Towel

    Grapevine Kitchen Towel

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  • Guacamole Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Guacamole Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Make your own Guacamole at home following our simple steps.   Ideal for the "have it all" foodie friend. Ingredients and instructions are printed with beautiful detail and color. Made...

  • Olive Branch Apron

    Olive Branch Apron

    These Classic Aprons have a beautiful and convenient fit.  They tie on the back and have a one size soft loop that goes over the head and two long ribbons on each side for perfect fit. Farm-Vintage style,...

  • Olive Branches

    Olive Branches

    A composition of Olive Branches are printed in this beautiful kitchen towel.  Color, shape and detail make this farm-style towel a unique gift. Made of long-loved 100% cotton flour sacks our Kitchen...

  • Pesto Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Pesto Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    If you need a special gift for your kitchen enthusiast friend, look no further.  We design our kitchen towels with you in mind.  We use our very own professionally taken food photos and hand print them on a...

  • Pico De Gallo Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Pico De Gallo Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    Follow our easy recipe to make the most delicious Salsa Fresca.  Pico de Gallo is a salsa made out of Tomatoes, cilantro and peppers. Ingredients and instructions are printed with...

  • Spaghetti Recipe Kitchen Towel

    Spaghetti Recipe Kitchen Towel

    There are few things as comforting as a home made spaghetti. An easy and yummy recipe for all ages, for the little ones as home, your soon to be college student or a sleep over with your bff.  A perfect hostess gift (go...

  • Spices from Around the World-Apron

    Spices from Around the World-Apron

    A beautiful design with all kinds of spices from around the world is handprinted on this Classic Apron.  Beautiful colors and shapes are printed with amazing detail and brilliant colors.Pair it up with your...

  • I

    Spices Recipe-Kitchen Towel

    If you agree fresh herbs work as Pixie Dust in the kitchen, this design is for you. Printed with beautiful detail this arrangement of fresh herbs is all about color, shape and composition. Made of long-loved...

  • Texas Style Bar-B-Que Towel

    Texas Style Bar-B-Que Towel

    A perfect gift for the grill lover.  Take this out of the ordinary kitchen towel to your next cook-out invitation and make an impression with it. The quality of Redbirds House towels are superb they only print on the...

  • Tomatoes & Rosemary Kitchen Towel

    Tomatoes & Rosemary Kitchen Towel

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  • Torchons & Bouchons Tea Towel French Patisseries

    Torchons & Bouchons Tea Towel French Patisseries

    19" x 28.5" 100% durable cotton tea towel printed with eco-friendly water-based ink.  This style features a lovely assortment of French pastries. Torchons & Bouchons has been designing and manufacturing high...

  • Torchons & Bouchons Tea Towel Macarons de Paris

    Torchons & Bouchons Tea Towel Macarons de Paris

    19" x 28.5" This beautiful tea towel is colorful, elegant and fun all at the same time! Made from 100% durable cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based ink, this particular style features an Eiffel Tower made from a...


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