Refilling a Bottle

Step 1: If your bottle has a foil seal on it, remove all parts of the seal from the bottle when you first open the bottle. Any remaining seal can harbor bacteria with use over time.

Step 2: When your bottle is empty, rinse with hot, soapy water until water runs clear and there is no residue of oil or vinegar. Put your cork in recycle.

Step 3: If you have a dishwasher, place the bottle upside down on the lower rack and run through a cycle.

Step 4: Dry the bottle upside down and let the bottle dry thoroughly by removing the cap. It's important to ensure that no moisture is present in your empty bottle, as it can affect the quality of the oil or vinegar.

Step 5: Bring your clean, dry bottle any of our store locations and ask a staff member for help with a refill. 

As long as your bottle is clean, it can be filled with any flavor - it doesn't necessarily have to be the flavor you originally purchased. Feel free to taste our different oils and vinegars before making a decision.

Once you've selected a flavor, we will fill the bottle, replace the cap with a new one, reseal the bottle, and add the corresponding label.