09/26-Olive Oil 101 Class: Arboretum-6pm

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09/26-Olive Oil 101 Class: Arboretum-6pm

Come for a date night or just a girls night out! We’ll take you through a tasting to experience the amazing difference that certified, high-quality Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils can make. Experience flavors ranging from intense and robust to mild, creamy and buttery. We’ll explore olive oil's history, mythology, production process, health benefits, art of tasting olive oil and it’s culinary uses. We will sample oils from our Ultra Premium collection and see how they are scored at the tasting competitions. Additionally we will teach you how to detect a rancid olive oil and teach you the differences in olive oil quality. After the event we will open up our shop for your own personal tasting tour. Cheese, proscuitto, baguette, marcona almonds, veggies & a large scoop of Mexican vanilla ice cream from Amy’s Ice Cream is included! Chilled water will be served but you are welcome to purchase a bottle of wine before the class.



Location: Arboretum 


Address: 10000 Research Blvd, #130


Time: 6pm


Parking available in front of shop.